MEGAN by Skeyndor

MEGAN by Skeyndor


HI-FREQ Reactivates the skin from deep down. Hi-Freq is the first step in the MEGAN® system. A high-frequency monopolar capacitive current that, together with the high-performance conductive Hi-Freq Gel, stimulates, regenerates and reshapes the skin’s deepest tissues.

Discover the most advanced technological, cosmetic innovation. MEGAN brings you closer to the future and helps you care for and improve your skin with a system that brings extraordinary cell regeneration from the deepest layers of skin tissue. This not this is no sci-fi movie. MEGAN is the reality of technology, developed by Skeyndor and based on the most ground-breaking beauty science techniques. The culmination of the knowledge and experience of 50 years of research.

Visible results at every step

96% of users notice
an improvement in their skin for longer
compared to their usual treatment.

100% of users notice
more rejuvenated skin and more immediate results
compared to their usual treatment.

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MEGAN by Skeyndor is already recognised by leading beauty awards