• Our history is made of people, of science, of beauty, and above all, of passion, to make our greatest challenge possible: SCIENCE creates BEAUTY.

  • Our team of qualified scientists use a high concentration of dermatology tested active ingredients. Developing effective innovative formulas using products free from parabens, mineral oils and animal origin. Resulting in scientifically proven results.

The future of professional aesthetics is already here

MEGAN, it’s not science fiction,
it is technology.

Meet the most advanced innovation
in technology and cosmetics.

Discover the magic of MEGAN by Skeyndor

Peeling - Filling - Decontracting

Triple anti-wrinkle action effect.

An innovative blend of three action mechanisms, working to produce an intense smoothing effect on the deepest wrinkles.

The result: wrinkles disappear naturally and gradually from the first use.

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Pure Beauty Global Awards Finalist

We’ve been shortlisted in not one, not two but THREE categories:

Best New Aesthetic Treatment or Product: The MEGAN®

Best New Professional Beauty Product or Treatment: Probiome Peel

Best New Complexion Product: Skincare Makeup, DD Cream

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